Professional Education

Since 1972, the Maryland Poison Center has provided health care providers with assistance in treating poisonings and overdoses.

Not only does the poison center provide telephone consultation in poisoning emergencies, but we are also an educational resource for health professionals throughout Maryland. Our goal is to improve the quality and effectiveness of care provided to patients by offering on-site education programs to physicians, nurses, physician assistants, EMS providers and pharmacists involved with assessing and treating these patients.

Staff from the MPC gather around a conference table.

Education programs (in-services, grand rounds, CE conferences, etc.) are provided by pharmacists, nurses and physicians who are trained and nationally certified in toxicology. Many topics are offered. Choose one or more from the following list or ask about another topic you are interested in. Most presentations are one hour long, but may be tailored to your needs. There is no charge for programs; however, we do request a minimum of 10 participants, and all programs must be arranged at least one month in advance. We will make every attempt to provide a speaker when it is most convenient for your staff.

Topics in Toxicology:

General Management of a Poisoning Cardiovascular Drugs
Common Drug Overdoses Polypharmacy
Pediatric Poisonings Antidotes
Poisonings in the Elderly Herbals
Current Issues in Toxicology Bites and Stings
Toxidromes Household Poisons
OTC Drug Overdoses Inhalants
Acetaminophen Overdose Alcohols and Antifreeze
Opioids Poisonous Plants and Mushrooms
Drugs of Abuse Pesticides
Misuse and Abuse of OTC and Rx Drugs Toxic Gases
Synthetic Drugs of Abuse Corrosives
Psychotherapeutic Drug ODs Chemical Warfare Agents

Other topics addressed include:

  • Toxicology for Critical Care Nurses
  • Toxicology for EMS Providers
  • Toxicology for Emergency Department Staff
  • Toxicology for Emergency Medical Dispatchers
  • Toxicology for Pediatric and Family Practice Settings
  • Toxicology for School Nurses

Download a printable version of courses currently available.

For More Information:

For more information or to schedule a program, please contact:

Angel Bivens, BS Pharm, MBA, CSPI
Phone: (410) 563-5584