Most poisonings are unintentional, which means they can be prevented. Educating you and your family about poison safety is one step towards preventing a poisoning.

The Maryland Poison Center is committed to educating families about the potential poisons that can be found in and around their home. Explore the resources provided below to learn more about how to keep your family safe from poisonings.

Young Children (less than 6 years)
Children under the age of six account for almost 40 percent of the human exposures reported to the Maryland Poison Center. In this section, learn why this happens and what you can do to keep young children safe from poisons.

Children (6-12 years)
Many people believe that once their children are a little older, their need for the poison center diminishes. Here you will learn what puts children ages 6-12 at risk for poisoning.

Did you know that teenagers are at risk for poisoning? In this section, learn about the general risk factors and current trends that pose risks for teens.

Adults and Older Adults
Many individuals believe that they don't need the poison center if they don’t have children in the home. However, adults and older adults are also at risk for poisoning. Here you will learn about the risk factors for adults and older adults poisonings and discover resources that can help keep you informed about poison and medicine safety.

What to Expect When You Call
Many people think they will never need to call the poison center. When those individuals find themselves in a situation that requires the services of the poison center, it can be a stressful time. Explore this section for a preview of what happens when you call the Maryland Poison Center.

Educational Materials
The Maryland Poison Center has educational brochures, stickers, magnets, and posters available for order. Visit our online store and access our downloadable information sheets in this section.

Poison Prevention Press
Every other month, the Maryland Poison Center publishes an e-newsletter for the public. Explore this section for information about how you can subscribe to the newsletter, as well as read current and past issues.

eAntidote Blog
The official blog of the Maryland Poison Center, eAntidote, provides a behind the scenes look at life at a poison center, practical tips to keep your family safe, and a hard look at current poison news and trends. It's Maryland’s electronic link to essential information from the poison experts.

Satisfaction Survey
If you have used the Maryland Poison Center's services, we would like to hear about your experience. Please take a few minutes to complete our caller satisfaction survey.